91.1 Radio City FM

City : Solapur

Innovation Options: Add a zing to your standard ad campaign!

Radio Commercial

Pre-defined time slots offered by Radio Stations for brands to promote themselves. These are the primary advertising elements radio offers, the oldest in the game. Commercial times are further classified on the following basis:
Prime Time: 7am - 12noon, 5pm - 11pm.
Non Prime Time: 7am - 12noon, 12noon - 5pm, 5pm to 11pm..
The Entire Day: 12noon - 5 pm.

Rate : Rs. 13 Per Second

Campaign Duration : 50 Secs( 10 secs ad x 5 spots/day x 1 days )

Final Rate = Rs. 650

RJ Mentions

Popular RJ’s can be rewarding influencers for your brand because of their huge fan following. The approaches differ, accordingly the content and the type of audience. So, it is important that you carefully select the RJ you would like to endorse your brand. Which RJ would be the best for your brand? Consider the required location, your preferred station, and most important target group.

Rate : Rs. 24 Per Insertion

Campaign Duration : 5 Insertion ( 5 spots/day x 1 days )

Final Rate = Rs. 120

Sponsorship Tags

Radio sponsorships generate brand awareness through association with a radio station’s programmes. A strong positive association is built in the listener's mind, between the brand name and the attributes of the sponsored programme.

Rate : Rs. 24 Per Insertion

Campaign Duration : 5 Insertion ( 5 spots/day x 1 days )

Final Rate = Rs. 120


The radio station talks about the advertiser and asks questions giving the listeners a chance to win related prize provided by the advertiser.It is often the only way an advertiser can have access to the much coveted presenter live reads.

Rate : Rs. 24 Per Insertion

Campaign Duration : 5 Insertion ( 5 spots/day x 1 days )

Final Rate = Rs. 120


Acquire undivided attention by consuming all available ad spots within a time frame. Here your brand constantly keeps tapping the listeners mind to instill his top of mind awareness. Make sure it doesn't get repetitive though!

Rate : Rs. 24 Per Insertion

Campaign Duration : 5 Insertion ( 5 spots/day x 1 days )

Final Rate = Rs. 120

Outdoor Broadcast

Here the radio station’s presenter and its team broadcasts off-site as per the advertisers desired venue.This is a premium innovation but it's worth the cost to drive maximum listeners attention to your brand.

Rate : Rs. 24 Per Insertion

Campaign Duration : 5 Insertion ( 5 spots/day x 1 days )

Final Rate = Rs. 120

Frequently Asked Questions? We've got them answered

Ads Planning Help

Our experts will help you to book ads in the radio station at the right time and low cost according to your objectives, target audience and budget 

Ad Length & Campaign Duration

Radio ad length and ad campaign duration are major factors. Minimum Ad length has to be 10-seconds and campaign duration should be at least 1 week.

Ad Frequency

Ad Frequency will remind about your business to Radio listeners. You need to play your Ad's at least 5 times daily.

Pre Ads Booking 

Make sure to book your ads at least 2-3 days prior to the release date.

Tracking a Campaign

We will provide you all tracking information so you can track your ad campaign.

Final Proof of Execution

We provide you a Broadcast Certification as a proof of execution.

Ad rates charged on per seconds

If our website lists Rs 1000 as the rate for a radio station in a city, it means that if you play a 10-second ad once on that radio station in that city, it would cost Rs. 1000. So if you play a 10-second Ad 4 times for 7 days, the cost would be Rs. (1000 X 10*4*7)/10 = Rs. 28,000.

First Time Advertiser

If you are booking ad first time from our website then you can get some discounted deals and if you already advertised before the rates shared with you by the radio station would be the final one but you can use discount coupons which are available on our website.

Discounts for Radio Ads

Basically, discounts on Radio Ads depend upon the volume of your ad buying. The more the volume, the lower ad rates you will get.

Rates for different time slots

You can advertise during 3 slots – The Entire Day, Prime Time and Non-Prime Time, all of them have different ad rates. Prime Times are our costliest offering yet The Entire Day package is most fruitful one.

Ad Campaign Cost

Your Ad campaign cost depends on the choice of your radio station, location, Ad duration, tenure, frequency and Ad slot.

Service Tax 

Since buying ads spot is a service, our clients need to pay a service tax.

Providing Ad Creative

You can submit your radio jingle or voice over ads in MP3 or WAV format at our website or mail it to our executives. If you don't have we will help you in the recording.

Edits to Ad Creatives

Once your ad creative is ready we share it with you for approval you can have a maximum of 2 edits on per Ad creative.

Play more than 1 Creative

Just let us know you need to rotate your ad creative playlist and we would do the rest.