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Select an Ad template from below (colour or b/w) . You can customize the text, colours & images as per your requirement.

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Dainik Jagran: Maximum Double Column ads are allowed. Width: 3 cms Height: 32 cms

Please upload your ad below - in the appropriate format & size. Kindly specify your accurate size in cm & type. Kindly follow the ad specifications provided.

The Heading specifies the section of the Newspaper where the ad will be released.

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INR 187// sqcm
INR 138// sq cm
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TotalINR 13,248.00

Kindly Note

  • Maximum Height - 52cm
  • You can upload both single & double column Ads. Size your ad to the measurements of the purchased ad space.
  • Ads are accepted within the height and width limits of the ad size you purchased as set by the publisher.
  • If you do not purchase a color ad placement your ad will run in grayscale. Images and ads submitted in color will be converted to grayscale.
  • If you purchase a color ad placement, All color ads should be submitted in CMYK.
  • Only JPG,JPEG, PDF(Portable Document Format) files are accepted.
  • PDF files should be exported with at least 300 DPI (dots per inch) resolution.
  • Kindly specify the width and height of your Ad accurately in cm. Any discrepancies might lead us to disapprove your Ad for release.

Basic Rates:

Dainik Jagran(Ranchi)
  • Rs. 138 / / sqcm

  • Mini Ad Size 3 * 5
  • Max Ad Size 3 * 32
  • Color - 187 / / sqcm