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Book Matrimonial Ads For Dainik Jagran Online at Lowest Cost

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Discount Packages

  • Matrimonial (Uttarakhand )

    Rs 675 upto 25 Words
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  • Matrimonial ( Uttar Pradesh +Uttarakhand )

    Rs 4100 upto 25 Words
    Book Now
  • Matrimonial (Eastern UP + Bihar )

    Rs 2050 upto 25 Words
    Book Now
  • Matrimonial ( Bihar + Jharkhand )

    Rs 900 upto 25 Words
    Book Now
  • Matrimonial ( Bihar + Jharkhand +West Bengal )

    Rs 1025 upto 25 Words
    Book Now
  • Matrimonial (Delhi +NCR )

    Rs 675 upto 25 Words
    Book Now
  • Matrimonial ( Greater Punjab )

    Rs 475 upto 25 Words
    Book Now
  • Delhi +NCR + Greater Punjab

    Rs 1325 upto 25 Words
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  • Delhi + NCR + Haryana

    Rs 1100 upto 25 Words
    Book Now

Discount Packages


  • Central UP

    Rs 900 / sq cm
    Book Now
  • Eastern UP

    Rs 720 / sq cm
    Book Now
  • Central UP +Eastern UP

    Rs 1375 / sq cm
    Book Now
  • Dainik Jagran (NCR+Delhi)

    Rs 735 / sq cm
    Book Now
  • Dainik Jagran (Delhi+Haryana+NCR)

    Rs 815 / sq cm
    Book Now
  • Dainik Jagran (Delhi+NCR+Himachal Pradesh+Haryana+Jammu And Kashmir+Punjab)

    Rs 1515 / sq cm
    Book Now
  • Dainik Jagran(All Haryana)

    Rs 750 / sq cm
    Book Now
  • Dainik Jagran(All Punjab)

    Rs 241 / sq cm
    Book Now
  • Dainik Jagran(Bihar+Jharkhand)

    Rs 620 / sq cm
    Book Now
  • Dainik Jagran (Bihar+Jharkhand+West Bengal)

    Rs 640 / sq cm
    Book Now
  • Dainik Jagran(All Bihar)

    Rs 491 / sq cm
    Book Now
  • Dainik Jagran(All Jharkhand)

    Rs 242 / sq cm
    Book Now
  • dainik Jagran(All Edition)

    Rs 4880 / sq cm
    Book Now
  • Dainik Jagran(Western Uttar Pradesh+Uttarakhand)

    Rs 1364 / sq cm
    Book Now
  • Dainik Jagran( Uttarakhand+Uttar Pradesh)

    Rs 3200 / sq cm
    Book Now

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Classified ads are cheaper than display ads. Classified ads typically contains text only and are charged by the word or line. Whereas Display ads are expensive, these ads get published on a complete page of the newspaper with text, image, location map and other items.

There are various discount coupons available on our website. To use these coupons fill the promo code of specific one in billing form while making your payment. 

To create your newspaper ad, first, you need to select newspaper in which you want to publish your classified ad or Display ad. Then, choose the category of your advertisement, then fill all sections of ad detail form, select location, and other options. After finalizing your ad, go for payment. Choose payment method. Click on the 'Make Payment' button to finalize your payment. Your Ad is now ready to be published.

You can check the advertising rates of Newspaper from our website site. Our portal allows you to book the ad and it calculates the total advertising cost including the newspaper cost, edition, category and format charges.

Newspaper offers you several categories in which you can place ads. The most popular ones are matrimony, recruitment, business, property, obituary, announcement, public notices, services, and education. These categories are mostly used for booking ads in Newspaper.

Dainik Jagran is one of the most-selling newspaper, read by millions of people every day. It is among the best newspapers in India. Dainik Jagran allows you to publish any kind of newspaper ad such as Classified ads and Display Ads. You can publish these ads under various categories or sections.

The ad rates of Dainik Jagran are also very low as compared to other newspapers.Because of low rate ad bookings, Dainik Jagran becomes foremost newspaper chosen by many advertisers to publish their ads. Dainik Jagran is a perfect platform for businesspersons and company owners to promote their business and enhance their brand visibility.

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How Ads are priced?

Advertising cost depends on words, lines and size of the ad. Some newspapers charges per word and some charges per line for classified text ads and for display ads they charging according to the size of display ad. You can check the cost while you composing the ads.