Why to Choose Radio Channels over other Advertising Platform?

October 15,2019   

The most fascinating thing about radio ads is that it treats every adequally. Your ad is never buried under several pages. Every time yourad is broadcasted it has an equal probability to get the attention oflisteners. Radio is the fastest mode of advertisement. It is a factthat within two hours of final approval, the ad is aired. In additionto this, it is very mobile, you can listen to Radio, anywhere at anytime. In a car, while traveling, in a gym, while working, it isomnipresent. It allows advertisers to reach people on one go. It isthe only platform that can convey your message due to its highaccessibility. For instance, a person can not read a newspaper whiledriving, similar is the scenario with television. Radio gives thepower of multi-tasking. Above all Radio gives the personal touch.People listen to local stations to get updates about traffic, offers,concerts and much more. The tone and the style always tingle thememory cells of the brain of listeners. Something that we hear has alonger effect when compared to reading something. When your ad isjust next to the top played song, definitely it is going to reachmillions of listeners. Radio is known to escape advertising clutter,also it is quite economical.

Research done tells that if animage is to be created in the mind of the consumers, they should beexposed to it at least three times. Radio offers this service at apocket-friendly price. Advertising works on repetitive marketingstrategy. Radioads need less assets while being able to reach the same targetaudience as television.Dependingupon your genre and reach, you can opt for the regional or nationalchannel with a slot that perfectly suits your budget. It is estimatedthat almost on an average the audience listens to commercial radioapproximately for 15 hours. Radio’s exceptional targeting abilityhelps you to cut down your money.

Unlike,the newspaper which has various sections & pages. Radio ispredominantly an active medium that creates emotional connect,curiosity & creates demand in the listener’s mind. Theresonating voice is extremely appealing. Radio stations design theirprograms in a way that your ad reaches more and more audience.Carefully placed ads can create a real impact & action.Furthermore, personal endorsement by a radio jockey adds credibilityto your product or service.

TheMediaCat can help you indiscovering the interest of your customers & will aid you in theprocess of targeting the right demographic area. The listenershipdrops somewhere between the afternoon. At late night the most loyallisteners are found although the audience size is less these peopleare mostly good listeners. The audience size changes across the day, TheMediaCat can help you with getting the best audience size at the bestprice. The second most significant factor is the ad frequency, forhow long your ad will be broadcasted. TheMediaCat can help you indeciding the frequency. Get powerful, simple & conveying ad copy.