Why The Telegraph Newspaper is best for advertising Classified ads?

January 22,2019   

Are you planning to start advertising in The Telegraph newspaper but get stuck on different newspaper or are confused which one to choose then no need to be confused by hearing the qualities of The Telegraph you will forget about all other newspaper competitors. No matter what newspaper you choose but choosing the best is what you are now thinking of. But before talking about The Telegraph let's talk about why the newspaper is necessary for us? The newspaper is considered as a protocol through which people get a vast amount of knowledge-based information and along with that also provides relevant services to the reader. It plays a vital role in day to day life for all types of age group peoples for extending their sales. Therefore newspaper agency always targets those areas where the majority of peoples are more. It is necessary because this is the only thing where people can have their trust and can be planned ahead for doing next. It gives the power of enlightenment to all people without showing any discrimination. The newspaper even today are playing an important role in people life thus creating trust among all other newspaper agency. It has become a major part of daily routine as people read them on the daily basis and thus continuous publicity is possible.

Just like The Telegraph Newspaper it is one of the Indian leading reading newspaper in the print industry and is a highly preferred newspaper across India as it is spread over major cities with the daily circulation of 4,58,487 copies. Now with that in hand, various advertisers can easily book their advertisement like Matrimonial, Recruitment, Property, Business, Politics and many others as it is considered one of the most preferred advertised option in a major part of the country. It clarifies the context and reaches to the advertisers across all business categories. This newspaper is widely the fifth most reading newspaper according to Indian Readership Survey in 2014. It is founded and launched in Kolkata since July 7, 1982, and is published under ABP group.

The Telegraph has five different editions in Calcutta i.e. Guwahati Edition, North Bengal Edition, South Bengal Edition, Jharkhand Edition -> Jamshedpur, Jharkhand & Ranchi Split, North-East Edition -> Guwahati Split.

The Telegraph provides you two advertising options by the fact of increasing the newspaper demands

Classified Text Ads

The classified ad is a type of advertisement which signifies Text ads in the classified section. It contains Text, screen border, maps, and location. They always appear in small sizes and are printed on The Telegraph classified column. With the help of enhancement like background screen color, tick sign it enhances the overall quality of the ads. This type of ads are quite popular in striking eye-catching information and are popularly booked for Matrimonial, Property, Real Estate, Astrology, etc. Classified text ads are relatively cheaper than other forms of advertisements.

Classified Display Ads

Classified display ads are the relatively advanced version of advertisement as it is creative in nature it allows you to design your ad by using different enhancements like Logo, Images, Custom Fonts for creating the interest of the reader. Their price range is higher as compared with Classified Text Ads. It is best suited for promoting business i.e. offering of goods and services by the private enterprises. Due to its colorful texture, it grabs reader attention immediately. But one thing you need to take care of that their price range is high as compared with Classified Ads.

Speaking about the rates of The Telegraph the rates may differ according to the geographical locations for different categories that means the cost are low at small cities and in larger metropolitan cities cost are much higher than expected.

The Media Cat shall help you to book ads in The Telegraph:

  • Select a category for classified ads in The Telegraph Newspaper
  • Select your Ad type either Classified Text Ads or Classified Display Ads
  • Choose the preferred newspaper editions to view their rates and also choose wisely according to your budget.
  • Now compose your ad with the help of our expert advice from our dedicated team. Use some eye-catching enhancements to attract the attention of the reader.
  • Plan your mind and select the preferred date along with the payments. Once finalized check the payment details overview and confirm your booking. Now You're Done.

How The Media Cat help you in advertising?

Will The Media Cat guide me in executing the plan?

->Yes of course. The Media Cat are ready to offer free newspaper planning for executing your plan.

How I should select the newspapers?

-> You can use the filters features to get a list of relevant newspapers related to your choice. The filters option available is Publications and Language. Likewise, you can also use the geographical search location to look for the newspapers in that precise areas.

After that, you will have a complete list of newspapers that you think are best suited for you to advertise, use different sorting filters to pick the best one.

Are there any other options available in newspapers outside of print advertising?

->Yes as there are many newspapers who offer newspaper advertising on their site where you can put and publish your ads according to the page layout settings and the locations you are actually targeting.

The Media Cat has already taken the responsibility to furnish your ad in the newspaper chosen by you. As we are one of the leading newspaper advertising agencies who brawn the power to publish your classified text and display ads for you. As the best advertising agency in India, there are many clients who are using our services on daily basis and offering the services at an affordable rate that means you don’t need to think twice on booking your classified ads elsewhere. Side by side we also provide discount coupons and offers to lower your pockets.

Last but not the least we also help you to book your ad faster with secure payment options with 24/7 customer support which will handle your queries.

Our experts will help you to select relevant ads with various categories considering your city locations with The Telegraph.

Now, we have all those power which successful advertising agencies need to offer and we are ready to serve you and our future clients with our services.