Why Recruitment advertisement is necessary? And recruit yourself too!

March 02,2019   

Recruitment advertisement is the only advertisements, which is published every year as companies are on a continuous lookout for a suitable candidate for a particular job profile. These methods of advertising for job vacancies are getting popular day by day. Whether it is an official website or a mobile application people can find their ideal job at the comfort of their home. But we should not forget that India is a developing country that means approx. 30% of Indians have Smartphone’s in their hands and rest of that are of rural areas and still there are illiterate peoples who don't know how to operate a smartphone and are rely upon offline newspaper which is the major and the most trusted form of advertisement.

Advertisement for recruitment ads is most popular both in rural and urban areas. Most recruitment opportunities come up more often outside towns and cities and people in India are most likely find a recruitment job in the newspaper than websites.

In this modern era, we people think that digital media can replace this precious gift from us due to technological advancement but ‘a that doesn't mean this thing will be completed dissipated. There are many people in India who still prefer Newspaper as their daily drivers and they can't revert back from that. Various well-known newspapers like The Tribune, The Telegraph, and The Times of India created their platform in such a way that they are most likely to respond positively and instantly results and for that reason, people create trust on them.

Newspaper advertising focuses on allowing companies to target on geographical locations to hire fresh talents from a particular city because they are transparent, easier to follow and definitely more convenient for all members involved in the recruitment process.

Procedure for Recruitment ads:

First, select your desired state e.g. Punjab and the City e.g. Chandigarh.

Select down your package either booking classified ads or classified display ads.

Classified Text-ads:

These types of ad offer basic advertisement such as Text, Bold Text and can be priced based on the number of words, lines, and characters. If you want more enhancements, you can opt for some enhanced features like Tick sign, Screen border, Color highlights, bold and underline. The important aspects of these ads are the text. The more lines for that text more will be the pricing.

Classified Display-ads:

These types of ad offer advanced version such as Text, Background color, Color. These ads are priced on space they occupied in the newspaper page and is measured in per cm square.

The classified section of the newspaper provides easy excess to all jobs under-allocated space where all types of ads are being listed and according to that individual can choose their desired job. These processes make the whole lot easier for the job seeker. It is a one-time method where one is given an opportunity to invite them and highlight their confidence and skills.

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