Why Print Media Is Irreplaceable Even In This Digital World

November 06,2019   

Most of us feel that digital marketing has overtaken the traditional marketing methods but we are mistaken. The outcome of print media, when compared with digital marketing, is high. It seems that print advertising is out fashioned but in reality, it holds a very significant role.

According to Forbes Magazine, 'print materials and publications offer your customers and prospects a brand experience that can’t be replicated online'. The print media has gained trust over the years by sharing relevant news and information. While digital media has been controversial, at times the news gets viral which has no evidence. Whereas this is not the scenario for the advertisements published in the newspaper. Many brands are looking for novel methods to blend the digital and newspaper advertisement.

Print advertising offers repeated exposures and is reviewed multiple times thus creates a long-lasting impression. The leads generated give lasting business sources. It is highly economical, investment of a few thousand can fetch you prospects who can provide you the business of worth in lakhs. With print media, one can easily set a budget and one can manage expenses as well.

Websites are skimmed, there are chances that prospects might not even reach the section where you have put your advertisement. According to Hubcast, “80 percent of respondents in a Two Sides survey indicated a clear preference for reading print on paper.”

A newspaper advertisement is the most promising among other marketing techniques. A newspaper is an easy and economical medium to advertise with and effectively spreads awareness within a specific geographical area. But it depends on your choice of newspaper . What matters is if you are selecting a more read newspaper and publishing classified ad which is well developed and is lucrative.

Flashing discounts and offers on the first page of a renowned newspaper will grab all the attention. Digital media partially depends on operating systems and browser configurations while this is not the scenario with print media.

Unlike digital media, print media does not get piled up. It has a long shelf life, your ad is seen thousands of time even after days. Another advantage is that you can customize the way your ad appears. Whereas other types of media provide very little control over visual appearance. Moreover the feeling of legitimacy comes with print only.

Readers cannot do multitasking while reading a magazine or newspaper, this indicates that they are glued to the text that they are glancing at. On the flip side while we are reading on digital screens our eye gets strain. Whereas the contrast of ink on paper is not harmful to your eyes.

The aforementioned benefits are most significant reasons that print media is still the game changer. If you are planning for marketing, ensure that you are opting print marketing or a blend of print and digital marketing.