Place a Name Change Ad in ‘The Times of India’

September 25,2019   

Whether you are changing your name because of astrology, religious conversions, separation or for passport, the newspaper is the best mode of communication. Book online, the name change ad in The Times of India.

The name change in India is a kind of custom after a woman gets married. Lately, however, the law has been changed and a woman has been entitled to keep her name the same even after marriage yet many families want to add their family name to their daughter-in-law. If you have changed your name, it becomes your duty to verify it and the most prevalent way is to place an ad in the newspaper.

Although there are various newspapers in which you can place your advertisement, today we will talk about the ‘Times of India.’

One can disclose the new identity to an enormous number of people by putting your name change advertisement in a newspaper. To increase your reach, you must select a very popular newspaper; TOI would be the best pick.

TOI is quite pocket-friendly, thus you don't need to allocate a huge amount of money to put a name change ad in Times of India. Isn’t it a great thing!

They provide various money-saving packages for these kinds of newspaper advertisements.

Additionally, you can even avail the combined packages of TOI or you can club different kinds of ads.

Now, you must be wondering that what is exactly referred by combined packages. Let’s understand. You get one additional add with two ads, or whatever the deal is at that moment.

A name change ad is given in the regular The Times of India classified section. It is advised that one must publish name change advertisements in two newspapers - One in English & another in Hindi.

You can look for a combo pack of TOI + Navbharat Times. Your ad will be in Times of India classifieds section & classifieds of NBT. What else do you wish for?

We, ‘TheMediaCat' will help you with the designing of the name change ad and assist you in placing it in the newspaper without any difficulties.

Some of the name change ad samples are as follows

Kiran Sharma, D/o Bhavesh Sharma R/o Flat no 174, Plot No. 10- A, SAROVAR Residency, Dombivalli East, Maharashtra 421203, have changed my name to Kiran Yadav for all purposes.

See one more sample for name change advertisement. Pratap Singh, s/o Mr. Ravinder Singh, r/o Flat XXXX, AMS Greens Village, Sector xx-A, NOIDA 201304 shall hereafter be referred to as Pramod Singh in the place of previously recorded name Pratap Singh.

You will be charged for per line to give name change ads in The Times of India. The minimum limit range for name change ads in Times of India classifieds is 5 lines. You've to pay an extra 190 for each subsequent line.

There is no fixed day to give name change advertisement in The Times of India. They are flexible and one can give name change ad on any day as per the requirement.

There is a special page and a separate section for such kinds of ads. These ads are covered regularly.

We can book ads for you on your behalf, as sometimes it is cumbersome and frustrating when you have to call them thrice in a day to confirm your ad or when the internet isn’t working smoothly.

Name change advertising in TOI can be booked by us while you are relaxing.

We hope, most of your doubts have been clarified, and feel free to contact us at or at 0172-4704700 for further processing.