Top 5 Leading Newspaper in Punjab for Advertising

January 24,2019   

The Newspaper advertisement is no doubt an essential tool for promotion and branding purposes. Compared to the electronic media newspaper it is still considered as the most trustworthy source of information. You should always choose the newspaper according to the maximum circulation and readership. However, still, there are many people who will consider reading English and Hindi newspaper as maybe it depends on their behavior or choice and we can't force them to choose that. As Punjabi is a regional language of Punjab and maximum people will be preferred reading Punjabi newspaper as their daily drivers.

So here we have chosen the list of Top 5 Newspaper which is quite popular in Punjab and is well suited for its quality:

Amar Ujala: It is a Hindi language newspaper which is circulated daily with having the 20 editions in 7 different states and 1 union territory. As it is the third largest daily reading newspaper with a huge readership and circulations. While focusing on the relevant topics which include Careers, Lifestyle, Entertainment. Amar Ujala has the massive circulations of around 3 million copies.

Punjab Kesari: It is the second Hindi reading Newspaper which is most popular in Punjab and is being circulated daily. It is founded in 1965 with the circulation of 11,59,489 daily which is the huge figure. It is well known for publishing day to day news with engaging content. Besides it focuses on various categories related to various news from other sources. As it is published from many centers in Punjab, Haryana, Rajasthan, Himachal Pradesh and Delhi in India. It is owned by the Punjab Kesari group.

Ajit Samachar: It is a well known Punjabi newspaper in Punjab with the circulation of more than 3,33,000. It was founded in the year 1941 and in 1942 it became an official daily newspaper for general people.

Jagbani: Jagbani is very popular in Punjab as it is a Punjabi language newspaper. It is circulated only at weekends. But it doesn't mean it is not popular and Punjab Kesari has its sister newspaper about 3,28,000 copies are circulated.

The Tribune: The Tribune is a leading Indian English language newspaper founded in February with a worldwide circulation. The Tribune focuses on the latest national and international news, politics, sports, business, entertainment, finances, and many more. It offers you a powerful platform to reach out and target the audience.

Advertising in those newspaper has some following advantages:

Flexible Readership:

The Brand or product that appeal to readers can be difficult and building momentum for that is much necessary. However, maximum readers are interested to purchase only those products which are advertised or which they find fancy because they will trust what they see or read. And there is no doubt as these newspapers have already managed to build a strong belief and credence with its new and existing readers.

No Digital Ads:

With a print ad, your ad will be more likely to get noticed than any other digital ads and ultimately will engage more customer than any other media.

Worth Advertisement:

These Newspaper has been obliged for valid reporting of various local, national and international affairs while gathering information from different sources. The ads printed within the newspaper will create trust in the mind of the reader and will think of publishing those ads in the future.


For every reader printing and publishing the ad is important but with this newspaper, your ads will be published in no time. Shorter deadlines will allow you to publish in a matter of days or maybe in a couple of hours.

All these newspaper will publish your ads in two categories format:

Classified Text Ads:

It will publish your ads in plain text format under pre-defined headings as provided by the newspaper. They are charged on the basis of the number of Line or words written. There is also a limitation for using the limited number of lines and words. As this is plain text ads and it will provide you with some enhancement options to make your ad noticeable using Background Color, Bold Text, Tickmark sign, etc.

Classified Display Ads:

It gives you the power to design your own ads according to your choice by using different stylish font, flaticon images, and logo. classified display ads in the newspaper are in detailed view and are eye-catching than classified text ads. In the newspaper, they are charged according to per centimeter square. However, there is also a limit for publishing your ad within the minimum and maximum Height & Width. According to your requirement, you can choose your color option either Black & White advertisement or Colour advertisement as the cost may vary depending upon what you chose.

The newspaper mentioned above are of top priority and will fulfill all your advertising needs as they are already in trend and people will consider those newspaper at first sight. You also don't need to worry about circulation and readership as they all are the daily reading newspaper and there will be maximum chances of getting attention from your ads.

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