Things to avoid while booking ads in the top-leading newspaper

April 29,2019   

Advertising ads in the newspaper are the most powerful way to discuss down and highlight your strategy for your business. The most suitable advertising option depends upon the targeted audience, and Newspaper advertising can help you target and build momentum to promote your business.

In advertising world, there are several advertisers who know the sense of advertising in the newspaper. But sometimes they are enough mature in doing critical mistakes while publishing ads and after that they feel regret about the outcome.

Now, to avoid this, The Media Cat will tell you about the top 5 mistakes every advertiser does and how you can use to your advantage.

Not Proper Details:

What people want in the ad is having the details so that they can contact them. But sometimes the most critical mistake advertiser ever perform is providing a lack of information. Hence, they frustrate in not getting good responses. However, they will include information like images, sleek copywriting, and deals, but not include contact details. There is no other way to make a connection. It's just enjoy having food without water, and readers with huge frustration will ignore this.


Include necessary details like Website, Contact Number, Street Address, etc in good shape so that people can see it. This will put and strengthen your ad into positive good returns.

Irrelevant Image:

Putting the irrelevant image in the ad and pretending for getting what you want is not a good deal. The Consumer is too smart to interpret ad, and you only have a couple of seconds to capture and create reader attention. Don’t trap them with unnecessary logos and images which do not relate to your ads.


Whatever your motive shall be for the advertising ads, put a relevant image according to your ad type. This will attract more reader interest and will soon contact you.

Messy Details:

If you try to impress the consumer with lots of messy details, they will lose interest. Now, within that dedicated small space, you cannot put everything. If you really think that this is the right strategy then, you are wrong. This will create lots of confusion and ultimately annoy them.


Instead of that, try to put those details which you find relevant. Omit unnecessary things and try to make your ad look clean. Rest of the details can be discussed via contact number.


Okay, you have posted an ad but what about the uniqueness. Now, this is the thing where advertisers got lost and stay behind. They provide services which they want but forget about enhancing the ad, which decreases consumer heeds.


Always use vibrant images for ads like Classified display ads, which provide plenty of options or maybe you can take help from us we will guide on how you can transform your boring ads into an interesting ad for gaining maximum people's attention.


Suppose you make a deal with the consumer via a newspaper ad, and you think that your ad will get the greater response without influencing them. Then, you are wrong and missing a strong message.


Instead of just publishing the Classified text ad you can use intransitive words on it like Hurry! Grab this deal before these ends 50% off on this product or buy this product now. From inside they get an urge to contact you and make a deal.

Finally, you know what things to apply in your ads. These are the things you can use to take advantage of convincing consumer awareness and attraction.

Rest The Media Cat can handle it for you.

Just book ads with us while keeping above things in mind.

Finally yet importantly, if you got any problem, which you think, we have solutions then please write to us at or call us at 0172-4704700.