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March 06,2019   

We are living independently or dependently or we can say we are living for our benefit or their benefits whatever you call this is still the unfinished question and we forcefully need to rely on and there is no escape for that and this is the statement grown in the government and other individual point of view. However, the reality is we are bounded to believe government notices and if we don’t that is our fatal loss.

Public notice is a general information which need to be published to make people aware of something. These notices include relevant information with different images to understand the current situations. Some of these few reasons include making a property deal, auction, government decisions, etc.

Government notices criteria are to transform and showcase that confidential information about their activities and publicized in order for the people to make a well-performed decision and actively become a part of the democratic society. This public note creates a sort of transparency between the people and the government itself for their indentation.

Public notice is based on government decision and plans and they have the right to uncover these pieces of information to the general public. It is meant to aware the people about the current situation and proceedings. Whenever any legal actions take place by a company, court, institution or by an individual, it is important to make proper announcements so that there is no controversy regarding that in the future.

In a country like India, where the main emphasis is so much on public, the public notice ad is very important for publicizing relevant information’s straight to the public. For publishing public notice ads newspaper will always be on top and be the first choice for every advertisers.

The public notice information is kept confidential and can only be disclosed when advertisers wants. Once it has been disclosed it will be live to the general-public.

This type of public information is especially detached in black and white color and can occupy more columns depending upon the information provided.

These ads will be booked in classified text-ads because of its relevant behavior but however, if the advertiser wants an advanced method to publicize their messages they can use Classified display ads.

Let's enlightened them in brief:

Classified Text ads:

These ads include text, boldness and somewhat tick sign to completely make the ad interesting to users. This is the basic version but still, many advertisers prefer this form of advertisements. It is far cheaper and can have the capability to attract the foremost people. Its price is recorded in no. of words and lines written.

Classified Display Ads:

These are the advanced and most popular way to express the ad details with various enhancement features like images, background images, color (along with text) which allows them to put it in. These things will enhance the ad with its cutting-edge features and will help to grab maximum attention from the consumers. This ad type is expensive while leveraging the importance of ad.

Now head over to the booking segment:

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