Importance of Radio and how you can take it to your advantage

January 31,2019   

Radio is a personal medium through which we deliver our information to a large number of audiences. It doesn't create any discrimination between older and younger age group people, unlike other media. No matter whether it is business news, local news or entertainment news it will entertain and accompany you throughout the day. That's the reason why it is known as the most trusted mass media. This fact actually makes radio advertising the optimum mass-media communication. Radio is highly personalized because it enables the user to fill their gaps entirely in charge of what they see and what they hear

It is obvious to know that we are seeing a rapid shift in advertising and that's why we are so excited about radio advertising. The biggest challenge various advertisers are facing today is to create an under way conversation between the brands and customers and to lures this intimacy into a powerful relationship. This is exactly what we want from radio for making our life so valuable for you and for us.

Radio is not a new tool to advertise it has been there from the beginning. And due to its strength, it is still popular now and always will be.

Radio will still remain relevant in today’s generation for time-starved consumers. It provides content and some sort of entertainment to the number of people as depending upon their geographical locations.

Radio is everywhere mean you will never feel alone and you can't ignore it, for reaching on-air consumers, whether they are at home, work or in their own car. You can even reach the radio through taxis as it allows normal consumers to multitask and listen to their words while working or playing especially in today’s world. It is a powerful medium delivering relevant messages 24*7 to local consumers personally.

Talking about radio it will always remain accessible to people when other modes of communication go down in case of emergencies.

People are striving their hands on the internet in seeing the online content. Streaming movies or reading articles it is enjoyable to watch and maximum people are investing their time in that stuff. But who wants to hear those boring radio advertisement today! Radio is not just a tool for their business, it's to showcase your Business. You can take this thing either to their path or your own path.

Many people in this industry have forgotten that radio is not a typical product, like computers or mobiles. That's true! It is a source through which you can deliver your message to active radio users. It should be promoted in a way it should be. This will requires creative thinking, resources, and a willingness to set up that tent. Come on, step right up and see these amazing radio station with The Media Cat!

The radio has some past significance in India, probably due to the late arrival of the television. Before the bulkiness of the television in India, the radio was the only primary source of entertainment for the mass communication. The radio has survived the tremendous popularity more than the television and the internet and it continues to thrive all over the country till today. Today also in different part of states in India people are belonging to that society, where the night entertainment consisted of radio party including tea, snacks and the radio itself. They have made radio their all-time friend. No matter what work you were doing it will be with you forever.

Today the radio is not only the most demandable entertainment platforms but also a great advertising destination as well.

The people of India always head over their interest in listening to top national radio stations like 92.7 Big FM, 91.1 Radio City FM, and Radio Mirchi, 93.5 Superhit Red FM, etc. Radio is an alternate popular advertising option in different parts of India like Delhi, Chandigarh, Hyderabad, Bangalore, Mangalore, etc, with the inclusion of a number of top brands choosing to launch radio advertising campaign there.

One of the best parts of radio advertising is the ability to focus and target a specific group of people due to the popularity of certain big band shows with certain statistical data relating to the particular population and groups within it as this makes the advertising a lot simpler.

The above-mentioned things are the importance of radio in people's lives and how you can use the radio on your advantage and here The Media Cat will tell you...

We are offering you the facility to book your radio ads online by availing our services. We are one of the best radio advertising agency in India who will help you to successfully launch radio advertising campaigns in the different part of states like Delhi, Chandigarh, Hyderabad, Bangalore, Mangalore, etc, and many more. We will guide you step by step to place your ad on the radio channels of your choice. Don't head up here and there choose us.

Now booking radio ads on The Media Cat is way easy than you thought you just need to follow these steps:

  • Choose the preferred radio station of your choice for e.g. 92.7 Big FM.then choose your city locations e.g. Chandigarh. After that, you will get the options to choose innovative options. Now with the help of these, you can add zing to your standard ad campaigns to energize your advertisement elements.
  • Pre-defined time slots offered by Radio Stations for brands to promote themselves. These are the primary advertising elements radio offers, the oldest in the game. Commercial times are further classified on the following basis:
  • On the right-hand side, you will see Ad Length choose your length timing according to your need. By default, the timing is 10 sec. Also, bear in mind that the maximum timing of that ad will be 90 sec. Your ad charges will go according to that.
  • Choose your spot from the drop-down list e.g. 15-20 spots per day.
  • Lastly, choose No. of days for how many days your ads will revolve or played.
  • Then click on the Proceed button.
  • You will get prompt with registration form fill up the form if you are not registered yet.
  • After filling the details click sign up.
  • Then you will be redirected to payment page choose your desired payment.
  • We are providing you to do your payments with debit, credit, master card, payTM, etc.
  • Also with Monthly EMI options.
  • If you think that later on maybe you will change your mind you can reset all the parameters like Ad Length, No.of Spots, etc, easily. You can always go back and start from scratch again.
  • Enhance your ad with a short serious dramatic piece of voice-over or a jingle.
  • Select the date when you want your radio ad campaign to start.

Finally, we know that the radio is a very popular mean of mass communication for advertising your ads with some entertainment kinds of stuff for all individuals, which makes it a great prospect in advertising on the radio. For any further queries don't halt, immediately contact The Media Cat at 0172-4948484. or mail us at