How I found My Soulmate – A Magical Tale

September 20,2019   

“I was very stressed and heartbroken. My 5-year long relationship broke. I was shattered, I was clueless. My world was crushed; I had no clue how to handle this devastating situation. I never thought that I had to live my whole life without him. With each passing day, I was going into darker shades and was all caught up in depression.

My friends had been counseling me and I was seeing a therapist as well. He told me that you should spend your time with your friends and not alone. My friends had a very busy schedule and had no time for me.

All the good memories started haunting me, and I decided that I will tie a knot and get married to overcome this. Soon, I started seeing boys but none of them were close to my expectations. I was getting more and more pessimistic.

On Friday night, I called my sister and discussed all my problems with her. She was equally hurt and was feeling bad for me.

An idea clicked my mind to give an ad in the newspaper. It was the most difficult decision for me. I was the person who would never do this but I was mad with grief. I searched fora newspaper advertising agency that could place an ad for matrimonial.

I found so many results but 'TheMediaCat' pulled my attention. A unique and interesting name, I contacted them on the given phone number and asked them to place a matrimonial ad. The marketing executives very humble and crafted a very catchy ad. I started getting so many calls.

On 17th July, I got a call from 789.....59. The voice of that person was very attractive. He enquired that if I had placed a matrimonial advertisement. I said, yes. We talked for 10-15mins on that day. He ended the call at a note that contact me if you feel we can take this forward.

10 days passed and I finally gathered some courage and called Karan. We talked and got to know that we have similar interests and liking. Soon our families were involved and we decided to get married.

It's been 2 years and I have been living my life's best time. I'm sharing my story to inspire you that it's okay if you had a bad relationship. At any point of time, you can get your soulmate and some traditional methods work good, that ad which 'TheMediaCat' placed, changed my life forever and for good”.

If you are on a hunt to find a perfect match then contact us. Like, Kasish you might also get your soul mate.

Types of Matrimonial advertisements:- It can be categorized into three different formats –

Classified text – Classified texts, as the name suggests is a simple text ad. The charges are according to the words, lines or characters used in the ad matter. Mostly vibrant colors, borders, and tick marks are used to highlight the text. On the flip side, classified display ads and display is a kind of the pictorial ad form. In classified displays and displays, advertisers can use images, logos, and graphics along in addition to texts. These ads are charged on the basis of per square centimeter unit.

Ad Booking Steps:- To book your ad, visit the website and follow the ad booking steps -

  • Select the newspaper from the list.
  • Select your required ad type between Classified advertisement or Display advertisement.
  • Select suitable ad category (matrimonial in your case).
  • Proceed to compose ad using enhancements or you can mail us your own designed matter in case of classified Display or Display Ads.
  • Select release dates, choose preferable offers and make payment.

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