Classified Text Ads & Classified Display Ads

December 17,2018   

Newspaper advertisements are the only advertisements which have the power to reach maximum people to share News and knowledge based activities. This is the only medium which is unique than any other means of production and can attract many audiences of all ages. Newspaper works in a protocol for advertising any type of Ads. It gives you the freedom to choose different brand of Newspaper to publish ads in required field. Every individual has different perspective of showing Newspaper ads in different section. And, if you are planning to promote your business and want to display different styles of advertisements, here are the overviews of them.

Classified Text Ads

Classified Texts Ads are the advertisement which contains Text, Screen Border, Maps, and Location. These types of ads are mainly grouped up with publication under describing the product. Ads are mostly placed by individuals who wish to buy or sell the items. They are cheaper as compared with Classified Display Ads. Classified Text Ads are always appearing in small sizes in the classified columns. This type of ads uses enhancements such as Color, Background Image, High-Quality Text and Images. However, the person can use many tools to enhance the ads to get attraction from people. These tools might help your ad to stand out from crowds.

If you want a unique advertisement with interactivity then go for this advertisement and it will grab more customer attention. Classified Text Ads are a cost-effective way to publish any ads in the newspaper. Its prices are based on Lines, Word and Character. Some type of elements like the border, background color, and tick sign can also significantly increase the overall rate of classified text ads. These types of ads are best suited for all type of advertisement especially for Matrimonial purposes.

Classified Display Ads

Classified Display ads are the advanced advertisement which contains Text, Logos, Images, Fonts, Screen Border, Maps, and Location. These types of ads have a feature of inserting Images, Logos, Header & Footer, Customized Font size and Color. According to this format, ads look more renowned and interactive as compared with Classified Text Ads. However, it is very much similar to Classified Texts Ads but what makes it different is the Brand Logo, designing for appealing eyes. These Ads are expensive and is priced according to their dimensions which in turn create unique ads structure among other advertiser’s ads. Some type of enhancements like the border, background color, tick sign, font style, and font size can also lead to the addition of charges.

Classified Display Ads also offers high visibility and response rates which helps to grab people attention immediately. Display ads can be placed on any page like the first page, second page or third page of the newspaper based on preference which according to that charges are applied. Moreover, these ads are best suited for promoting business, recruitment campaigns. Classified Display Ads don’t have any restriction related to page limitation and size. After the size is enumerated the price is determined.

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