Confused which radio channel would promise you significant returns on advertising?

February 02,2019   

Radio is the only advertisement which can always be heard whether you are in your car or on your mobile phone. Now this means that we can show advertiser's brand message to all potential customers all times a day in a variety of different ways. Sponsoring a show and that show get the feature on station means that advertisers can advertise specific areas to target specific audiences for the mass listenership.

That's why radio comes into play!

Now, you are confused which radio channel would promise you significant returns on advertising?

Here's the answer Radio City 92.7 Big FM.

With the launch of Big FM 92.7 in 2006, it opens a place for the local advertisers to allows people to reach out maximum audience and target the local community in a productive way. With the help of that station, advertisers can place their radio ads and there is no doubt that it is also known as India's first and largest FM radio station. They had maintained their rule in 45 cities including Mumbai, Delhi, Chandigarh, Hyderabad and many more. It also includes thousands of towns plus 40,000 different villages. Its maximum weekly circulation is around 4.2 crore Indians.

92.7 BIG FM has gained incredible success with its positioning and is amongst the top radio stations to advertise in those respective markets. Book your radio ads in Radio City 92.7 Big FM while considering your city locations.

The Media Cat is an advertising platform who will enhance your radio advertising campaign to a new level. You can easily advertise in Radio City in the following locations:

Location:Select your preferred City

Adilabad Adoor Agartala Agra Ajmer Aligarh Allahabad Amritsar Asansol Bangalore Bareilly Bhopal Bhubaneswar Bikaner Calcutta Chandigarh Chennai Delhi Gorakhpur Guwahati Gwalior Hisar Hyderabad Indore Itanagar Jalandhar Jammu Jamshedpur Jhansi Jodhpur Kanpur Kota Lucknow Mangalore Mumbai Muzaffarnagar Mysore Panaji Patiala Patna Puducherry Rajkot Ranchi Raurkela Shillong Shimla Solapur Srinagar Surat Thiruvananthapuram Tirupati Udaipur Vadodara Visakhapatnam

Select any of the cities mentioned above and follow these steps:

Choose the preferred radio station of your choice for e.g. 92.7 Big FM then

choose your locations e.g. Chandigarh.

After that, you will get the options to choose innovative options.

Now with the help of these, you can add zing to your standard ad campaigns to energize your advertisement elements.

On the right-hand side, you will see Ad Length choose your length timing according to your need. By default, the timing is 10 sec.

Also, bear in mind that the maximum timing of that ad will be 90 sec. Your ad charges will go according to that.

Choose your spot from the drop-down list e.g. 15-20 spots per day. Lastly, choose No. of days for how many days your ads will revolve or played.

Then click on the Proceed button. You will get prompt with registration form fill up the form if you are not registered yet.

After filling the details click sign up. Then you will be redirected to payment page choose your desired payment.

We are providing you to do your payments with debit, credit, master card, payTM, etc. Also with Monthly EMI options. If you think that later on maybe you will change your mind you can reset all the parameters like Ad Length, No.of Spots, etc, easily. You can always go back and start from scratch again.

Enhance your ad with a short serious dramatic piece of voice-over or a jingle. Select the date when you want your radio ad campaign to start.

Some of the benefits you can expect while Advertising with The Media Cat:

Best possible lowest rates.

Now get the best lowest rates for reaching a larger listenership base at some lower costs.

No extra cost.

You can easily book your Ads in Radio City We are not charging any additional fee for booking your Ad while processing.

Tailored made plans

Our media experts had crafted media plans for you on the basis of targeting audience and fulfilling the objective For how long should your Ads will be displayed, also how many times a day should your Ad play and how many days your Ad should play to get effective results.

Online Payment

Make your payment online with the comfort of your home. You don't need to visit our office, just choose any suitable online payment mode and finalize it.

After you finalize the payment we will instantly release your radio Ads at no time.

Our Expert will assist you in selecting your advertising type based on your objective and suggest the best time when you should place the Ad to get maximum returns on investment.

We are constantly working with Radio 92.7 big FM to give you the best radio advertising services which will help you to grasp your market opportunities. We will help you to get the most alluring and fascinating jingles to get higher results from your radio ad campaign.

Don't wait for anyone! just book your Radio Ad with us. For regarding any issues with ad booking please contact us at 0172-4948484.

And for further assistance, you can reach us at