Classified Text Ads vs Classified Display Ads which one you should choose?

March 09,2019   

Advertisement in the newspaper is considered as the best practice for advertising your ad either targeting the younger or older generations. As this is one of the most effective methods of every advertiser's and readers to transform their thought about business ideas and promotion to the public. We know newspaper advertising can target those demographics areas where another medium cannot be able to reach and this allows the advertiser to specifically reach those small niches where they think might be relevant.

Talking about relevancy, if our goal is to impress the consumer/readers what we are going to do?

First, we will try to put those relevant thing related to that category, for instance now, take an example of Matrimony services.

In matrimonial services, what we do is publicize the groom/bride necessary details, enhance it then publish it.

That’s all!

We are not working in a circus. If we are trying to put more details into it then the reader will tend to get confused and get shifted to other ads.

However, you need to find out which classified method is best suitable for you either in matrimonial perspective or any other category. This is the key which will let the consumer know you actually care for them and they will invest their precious time in seeing your ad.

Here are the things which you can apply on your own time:-

Classified Text-ads:

This ad focuses on Words, Character, and number of lines and not more than that. This gives a basic idea to the advertiser to demonstrate and kick start the ad. These ad types are relatively cheaper and are affordable for every advertiser. This is also known as the basic version of classified ads. This ad type also comes with extra enhancements option to make your ad look attractive i.e. Border, Bold Text and Tick Sign. and there is no doubt that this will make your ad look eye-catching and attract maximum readers.

Now do not think that this method is cheaper and your published ads will be ignored instead this is a vice-versa strategy. The advertiser focus is to enroll the consumer's attention by giving ad details related to their business so that they can get a strong urge to contact you.

Classified Display-ads:

This method focuses on images such as Dazzling images, Background Image, Logo, and Color along with the Text and Bold Text. Its main intention is to display an ad in an enhanced manner so that consumer can get attracted at one sight. It is as same as classified text ads but with more advanced features, and now it will change the whole game, even the advertiser itself can carry out this thing.

Though these things are costlier only when adding more elements and therefore increase the overall cost and attention from the consumer for sure. These ads are so well enhanced that readers still can’t able to ignore this and will transform themselves into an anxious state. They will be eager to start giving the response to your ads. Here you can utilize that element and design the ad according to your choices.

Due to that, this method has become popular among many advertisers. Even newcomer advertiser coming for the first time is choosing this method because they know that this will get maximum responses.

Now the question arises which one is best suited for you?

Here is the answer it still depends upon you!

You have to find out what’s your main intention is and why you want to post this ad in this desired section.

Secondly, it also depends upon the budget type, if your budget is less than you can go for basic method i.e. Classified Ads and if more than, you can wholeheartedly opt for Classified Display ads, which is the advanced version of this listing.

Now, here the confusion arises for most peoples;

if both ads are used for gaining attention then why it is clashing advertiser's mind.

Well, it depends upon interactivity and presentation on how you will present your ad and how others will respond to you.

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