Classified Ads

October 30,2018   

You may come across various ads in every newspaper. Broadly there are two types of ads:

  • Classified Ads
  • Display Ads

Let us discuss what does the word “classified” stands for. Classified is derived from the word “Classes”. The classified column contains ads in it. You can always find a column of classified ads in every newspaper, while there are some publications that include advertisements only.

The advertisements are differentiated or grouped into various classes or categories, like, announcements, business, change of names, commercials, immigration, loans, lost and found, matrimonial, obituary, property, recruitment, tenders and to-lets, etcetera.

Classified ads are further divided into types:

  • Individual advertising sales
  • Advertisements by local business

Classified ads do not allow images in them, but you can add background color to it. To make it look attractive you can change the font and include a headline. Classified ads are cheaper than display ads. They have a limited content and they are charged according to word limit or lines. Like other forms of media, classified ads have also found their way on the internet; newspapers have taken their classified ads online.

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