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January 25,2019   

Marriage is not a simple process or a straight forward game. It is rather a crucial turning point in every individual’s life no matter whether it is men or women. You can not be careless in choosing your life partner as you need to spend your whole life with him/her. As marriage is an irreversible process that means you can’t revert back to make a heedless approach towards marriage to regret for the rest of your life. You need to remember that your life partner is going to be with you forever to support you through successes and failures, ups and downs, and pleasures and pains and so on. Of course, that's true! The more comfortable your life partner is with you, the happier your life is bound to be. Whether it is men or women if we are comfortable with each other we don't need to worry about anything. As we all know that strong attraction always lasts forever and we need to accept that precious thing. Earlier, people were moving to choose their own life partners through love but that doesn't make sense now. Despite the fact that, the failure rates of the successful love marriages had made people realize that this is not the right way to maintain a successful marriage as it will be creating a maximum devastation to both person personal lives. Therefore they are searching for a practical alternative way of choosing matrimonial services. The best matrimonial services might help you to get the most suitable ideal life partner.

And it is only possible when you choose the best newspaper for publishing matrimonial ads as it will help you get an idea of what's going on in the matrimonial world. Along with that it also helps you to get an attention from the ads.

Well, there are lots of local and national newspaper being circulated in different areas of Punjab, Haryana, and Chandigarh but when things come in choosing the best newspaper for placing matrimonial ads then The Tribune Newspaper will be best among them all.

The Tribune is a best reputed Indian English language newspaper founded in February with a worldwide circulation and readership. Maximum circulation means you don't need to think about location as your ads will be circulated in maximum different areas while talking of readership there is a maximum coincidence someone will be ready to get attracted to your ads. The Tribune mainly focuses on the latest national and international news, politics, sports, business, entertainment, finances, and many more. It offers you a powerful platform to reach out and target the audience with your ad.

Over the past years, it has converged the readership and trust of North India and has now become the top daily English newspaper of Haryana, Punjab, Chandigarh & Himachal Pradesh. According to main sources of Audit Bureau of Circulation, it has a circulation of more than 3,00,000 copies in the four states. Approximately 7,00,000 copies of readership have been estimated by the Indian Readership Survey as making it a tremendous platform for advertising.

Publishing matrimonial ads in the newspaper actually make a difference. If yes then how?

Here because it is an extensive platform which helps you to reach maximum people in a short period of time and ultimately people get aware and their partner through the advertisement.

Along with business promotion and lead generation, people also use newspaper to find their life partner. In today’s busy life, an individual doesn’t have enough time to search their bride/groom that’s why they book matrimonial ads in the newspaper to seek a perfect suitor for their life. But the good response to your ads depends upon some factors which include matrimonial advertising agency you choose, the newspaper you choose, selecting a targeted audience, presentation of matrimonial ad etc. Make sure you should perform all above-mentioned steps wisely to get a fast and better response to your ads. Suppose you choose the newspaper which is read by a few people only, do you think you”ll get a good response from that newspaper? No, never! Thus, always choose most-read newspapers to book any of your ads.

Another main factor is the way you write your matrimonial ads. Always write your ads in such a way that it can attract the reader towards it immediately. And for that reason, The Tribune newspaper offers you two advertising format i.e Classified Text ads and Classified Display ads.

Let's discuss what they both are:

Classified Ads:

Classified Text Ads are basically cheaper because it only offers basic versions of advertisement. And for attracting people with your matrimonial ads you need to use Classified display ads but we will talk about them later on. However classified ad will not fulfill your requirement because it is a simple plain text ad which is placed in the classified section of Tribune newspaper. You can use Text, Bold Text, Color, Tick sign and not more than that as there is a limitation on the lining. More lines maximum the price will be. But you can still use these elements to make your matrimonial ads eye-catchy. Also, keep in mind that your ads will convey all those information that the reader may need before contacting you. This method of advertising is quite common in the newspaper and the maximum number of people can easily afford it. It is basically an advertising strategy being used by individuals and private businesses to promote their products and services. It's the best way of reaching and targeting your life partner before the ad expires.

Classified Display Ads:

Classified Display Ads are just like Classified Text Ads but it contains Logos, Images, Maps, Location, Background-Color, Enhanced Text, Tick Sign. They are an expensive form of advertisement. For matrimonial ads, this format will be best suited as it will appeal your eyes with quality context which will help to grab and attract more customers and can increase the chances of finding the best partner for your life. Also, ensure that your ads will convey all those necessary information that the reader may need before contacting you. Bear that in mind that the price range for these advertisements is calculated on a page per cm square. More size maximum the price will be. This method of advertising is very popular in the newspaper and people are taking their chance to afford it. But don't worry you will reach your perfect life partner before your ad expires.

These are the formats maximum peoples will use to publish their matrimonial ads.

As there are a number of the newspaper that is circulated daily in Punjab and Chandigarh but out of all The Tribune is best suited for matrimonial purposes.

The Tribune is a leading newspaper with extensive reach in India especially in the northern part of India. It is the largest selling newspaper and is highly popular in Chandigarh, Punjab, Haryana, and Himachal Pradesh.

The benefits of The Tribune is that they have two sisters of publication i.e. Dainik Tribune & Punjabi Tribune with Hindi and Punjabi languages respectively. Through which you can publish your ads according to the location you choose.

Now you know how The Tribune newspapers will help you to find your ideal life partner, and you must be wondering how to perform the booking? isn't it! Well, the most powerful platform for booking those Matrimonial classified ads in The Tribune newspapers is The Media Cat.

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