Booking ads in The Indian Express is now that Easy!

January 23,2019   

Newspaper advertising will still remain the most reliable and trusted platform for advertising across India. No matter what newspaper you choose you will still get the relevant information from different sources all around the world. As there are lots of modern newspaper to talk about but right now let's find out what The Indian Express is and what it has to offer.

The Indian Express is one of the leading and most widely English reading daily newspaper in India. It was Launched in 1931 in Chennai. Its main headquarters and bureau are at Mumbai and newsroom in Noida. However, the management still discusses their strategies in Mumbai. Earlier during this year it was distributed weekly in different cities but with the flow of time, it becomes a daily driver for most people and due to that, it gains its popularity among other modern newspaper. This newspaper has a huge circulation and readership figure which eventually makes it a perfect platform for advertising ads.

The daily circulation of The Indian Express is around 309,252 copies. However, it is the second choice of every advertiser across India for placing different ads like Matrimonial Ads, Property Ads, Rent Ads, Recruitment Ads, etc.

Various different advertising options like classified text ads and classified display ads are used for advertising text-based ads and enhancing them using tick sign, background color, graphics, etc. for various small and medium trader which ultimately made it a popular advertising medium.

While keeping the convenience and budget in mind of advertisers, The Indian Express delivers a variety of packages and offers for publishing different ads across multiple locations while ensuring substantial savings.

They use the latest technologies while printing the newspapers and side by side gathering news from different sources. This newspaper is printed and published in approximately 10 locations which include Delhi, Jaipur, Mumbai, Nagpur, Pune, Kolkata, Vadodara, Chandigarh, Lucknow, Ahmedabad, and Tirupati. It is highly suited for all types of advertisement and their categories are Recruitment, Matrimonial, Astrology, Name Change, Property, Business and many more.

Booking advertising in The Indian Express Newspaper:

The Media Cat is the leading and the most trustable newspaper ads booking site in India which offers you a centralized platform for all your advertising needs including classified text ads and classified display ads. We offer you the privileges to books your ads in The Indian Express at the comfort of your home.

Just follow these easy steps to book your ads in The Indian Express. First of all, pick the ad type either Classified Text or Classified Display ads from the choosing section and proceed next.

The next step is to Compose Ad where you can create and design your Indian Express advertisement with the help of existing templates and enhancing features including tick sign, corner border, bold text etc. The Media Cat also providing you different category option of various ad samples for reference purposes. You can choose which suits you the best.

Last but not the least choose the final ad release dates and move further to check out option for clearing payments via our convenient online channel to receive instant confirmation.

There are two formats to consider:

Classified Text Ad:

It is known to be the most cost-effective form of advertising, as this ad format will let you alter with some text-based words or symbolic characters. Classified text ad often tends to get off from the track with an untidy collection of things. To avert this or to grasp maximum attention to your ad, you just need to use some enhancing elements like tick sign, Background color, Fonts color, etc.

Classified Display Ad:

Well, the Classified Display Ads will make a slightly bigger hole to your pocket as it is expensive in nature and will provide you the power to add Images, Logos, Graphics in addition to the text. However, it is most probably preferred by advertisers as they know it draws lots of intense attention.

How our ads are priced?

Advertising cost depends on words, lines, and the size of the ad. Some newspapers charges per word and some charges per line for classified text ads and for classified display ads as they are charging according to the size of the display ad. You can check the cost while you compose the ads.

Now booking advertisements in The Indian Express are damn easy and without any complication with The Media Cat. Just follow the above steps and book your ad with a hassle-free experience. We've given you the power to call our customer support representatives at any time to discuss your advertising strategies. For any further help in booking ads or any queries just write back to us. Our team will get back to you as soon as possible.

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So, why wait for anyone else just register your booking with us and enjoy your ad in The Indian Express.