Book your Matrimonial Ad

October 30,2018   

Through The Media Cat, you can book both classified ads and display ads. Matrimonial ads come under classified column; so you should pick classified ad and then choose matrimonial from different categories displayed on the website. Then select your state and city preferences. And pick your package from the given options. Compose your ad and have a preview of it. You can even decide the location where you want your ad to get published.

While writing a matrimonial ad, a few things should be kept in mind. You should describe yourself, your qualification, your requirement, and at last your contact details. You can provide information according to your needs and wishes.

Matrimonial ads are mostly subjective; it means that there is no as such fixed format for these ads. You can have a heading or without heading, colored ad or black and white ad. Most people go for black and white ads with a simple format, but if you want to make it look attractive, you can add a colored background to it, change format and font or use upper case letters than small letters.

The most important point to be kept in mind is that the contact details are always provided at the end. You can provide your contact number, your email, or both in the ad. You should write your ad in brief and clear wording. You can flaunt your abilities and achievements in the content of your matrimonial ad. And you can describe your requirements for a suitable match you are looking for.

The media cat helps you in getting your ad published in miscellaneous newspapers across India at reasonable prices. Find your soul mate by booking matrimonial ad through