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October 01,2019   

News agencies, commonly known as “press agency” or “news service” functions; by gathering information, writing a report, editing it, and printing it followed by circulating news across the nation through various means of communication, namely newspapers, periodicals, radio, and television.

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Now, digital advertisements are also prevalent and are trending. These agencies make sure that there is a smooth and regular flow of information and news is taking place.

The media-houses substantially depend upon the newspaper agencies for their contents. A huge amount of data is being generated by the news agencies; they keep a close eye on the trending topics and always provide assistance to the local people with publishing their news.

The kind of news can vary from ‘matrimonial, property, recruitment, business, astrology, personal, lost and found, to-let, appointment, change of name, remembrance, obituary, immigration and much more

The news agency provides them with fresh data on a regular basis. To ease out the process of publishing news, the concept of the news agency came into existence.

The metropolitans are always crowded by one or the other kind of news; sometimes it’s the stock market that takes the headline, at times it’s the political statement or some criminal activities.

Additionally, the states namely Gujarat, Pune, Mumbai takes the front page of the newspaper more often. Therefore, to get a space on the front pages is highly competitive and the media houses have very little time to pick up the stories and arrange them according to the quality of the news.

Here, comes the role of news agencies, they ensure that your piece of news is picked up and gets enough and desired space in the newspaper, or on television and radio.

National agencies have thus introduced various sections that cover different kinds of news. The figures for such agencies have plunged drastically, accounting for 70,000 newspapers, over 690 satellite channels.

You’ll be shocked to know that India is one of the biggest newspaper markets in the world, to give it a count; around 100 million copies are sold each day!

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