Book Lost and Found Advertisement in Newspaper

November 01,2019   

You lost some of your important documents and you are worried about it; or you have lost your pet and you are sad. Be it your lost wallet, or vehicle, or mobile or missing person. Then booking a lost and found ad in the newspaper is possibly the best idea.

You can reach out to enormous readers, who would come across your advertisement. This might help you to find your lost item or commodity in very less time. You must opt for a regional newspaper if you think you have lost something in your region.Text ads are one of the simplest forms of advertising in the Lost Found section. Lost - Found ad can be enhanced by background color, screen border or by giving various fonts to the text.

For the following documents, one must publish an ad in a lost and found section.

  • Missing Document
  • Company Legal Documents Missing
  • Mark sheets Lost
  • Lost Passport
  • Income Tax Certificate
  • Property Documents (sale deed, registry, mutation), etc.
  • Driving License
  • PAN card
  • School and College Certificates
  • Bank Documents

Lost and found advertisements aim to get the attention of the audience so that one can get information about the lost commodities or the thing duly back.

At times these advertisements are published to get the information about the owner when an item has been discovered but its owner is unknown. There are several benefits of booking an ad in newspapers:

Conveys the message to the Public

Lost and found advertisements inform the general public and get their attention to the misplaced or lost item so that it can be looked for.

Legal Requirements

It is obligatory to publish a lost and found advertisement after filing an FIR. This helps to prevent misuse of your property or documents as you have proof that you have published an ad stating that you have lost your documents or amenities.

Facilitates the Retrieval Process

Since an ad fortifies the lookout hunt, therefore, it helps to facilitate the retrieval process.

Helps In Getting Duplicates

It becomes very easy to get duplicates if you have placed an ad and an FIR.

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