Benefits of Newspaper Job Posting

October 14,2019   

The National Sample Survey for 2017-2018 shows that there is a surge inthe rate of unemployment to over 6 percent. Unfortunately, Indiaranks in the top 10 most unemployed country in the world.

31.2 million people are actively looking for a job every day. The numberof graduates and postgraduates is increasing by leaps & bounds. Thousands of online recruitment apps are being launched to cope withthe ever flooding number of job seekers. But still, the employmentsection of the newspaper is the most glued section of the newspaper.

Acaptivating job advertisement is a necessity, if you desire to hirethe best talent for your company , institution or firm. Newspapershave been the best pick for reaching out to endless job seekers andapplicants across the country. Their has been a surge in the numberof job portals and recruitment sites. But the trust that people havein newspapers,manage to get more readership. Also, it is easilyaccessible to people from all walks of life. Mostly job posting adsare posted under the column 'Situation Vacant' advertisements.

Centerfor Monitoring Indian Economy shows that there has been an increasein unemployment to 7.2 percent in February 2019 vis-a-vis 5.9 % inFebruary 2018. Approximately 29 million job seekers catch hold of anewspaper and mark the job openings every day. The hope and trustthat they will find their dream job sparkle whenever they see arelevant job ad in a newspaper. The newspaper has maintained trustamong the masses by its immense authenticity. The dependence of jobseekers in the newspaper can be seen from the data mentioned.

Mukund Padmanabhan, from the Hindu, said, “More and more newspapers arereaching out to places where they haven’t before”. According to ananalysis done by KPMG & FICCI, the Indian newspaper industry isgrowing by two-thirds in the last 6 years. Therefore, the bestpossible way to reach to your prospective employee is through anewspaper ad.

Firstly because the reach of the newspaper is non-competitive. Job –posting on the internet is still in a peripheral situation. Its reachis more in urban and semi-urban areas but rural areas go fornewspapers only. Secondly, it has built trust. Most of the time, if ajob is posted on some online platform, people will think twice beforeapplying.

There are so many fraudulent who are waiting for prey. But if a job isposted in the newspaper, the next second your phone will startringing and your mailbox will be over flooded with emails. So, whatare you waiting for, post your job requirement in the newspaper.

If you want to hire a person who knows a native language, post it in theregional newspaper. If you want the best talent in the country, getit published in the National newspaper.

Isn’t it amazing, you can reach millions of job seekers by just one ad inthe newspaper? All thanks to the newspaper industry monopoly. Jobseekers get all the relevant job description under one roof. It isbeneficial for both parties however for a recruiter it is moresignificant. The service is very economical, the process is simple.Don’t have a clue how to proceed? Chose Media Cat, let us handleyour design and positioning of news. Our experts will design thebest, the apt news description for you and get it published at theearliest.