Advertise your Facebook ads with The Media Cat

January 30,2019   

In today's era, social media plays a vital role in an individuals life. Now, when we talk about social media, Facebook is one of the most common digital media platforms among people. If we look at the estimated figure 2.2 billion peoples are using the Facebook and that's a huge figure, and one can easily assure how popular the Facebook is and how it will be a perfect platform for your content or ad. As your content reaches to a large number of audiences. So Facebook is the best platform for getting maximum results.

Facebook is a marketing platform for every business but the change of Facebook Algorithm can sometimes make it a challenge to connect with people. And for that reason, Facebook ads come ahead which allow you to reach your target audience based on demographics, the message in front of the people who are most likely to want your products or services. As you are only paying to target potential customers. It will be great for your overall budget and return on investment.

But before that it is necessary to understand the different types of Facebook ads:It gave you an overall idea to choose which one will suit best to you.

1. Photo Ads:

Photo Ads is one of the best ways to start with Facebook advertising. It captures a higher amount of consumer attention. As it provides information about your services and products. Sometimes Photo ads are simple but it doesn't mean that they have to be boring. Just with a few clicks upload your photo from your Facebook page and you are good to go.

2. Video Ads:

In Video Ads your products and services will be in action. Sometimes it also delivers motivational pieces of advice to people who want to listen. As it captures maximum attention of your targeted audience. Throughout the video, it will only display your content, product, and services.

3. Carousel Ads:

In carousel ads, you can add up to 10 photos and videos for highlighting and defining your product and services. This format helps to showcase the benefits of as many as the photograph you want. These types of photos show that they are in trend and will capture maximum audience attention.

4. Slideshow ads:

Slideshow ads is a collection of photos and videos clips in the form of short videos. They occupy less bandwidth for your convenience. It also gives you benefits of adding text message or even music. They have eye-catching motion videos which use less bandwidth so that they can get loaded for people even in slow internet connection.

5. Leads Ads:

Leads Ads are designed to make it easier for people to share their contact without typing lengthy messages. They are used for the collection of newsletter subscriptions, signing up someone for product trial and granting people to ask for more information.

6. Dynamic Ads:

Dynamic Ads is helpful in a great way sometimes if a person visits your content and has chosen your product from the website and they put them in their wish list but they didn't but the product for whatever reason. Then the dynamic ads will display that product in their Facebook feeds as a reminder to complete the challenge. This game plan leads to successful and effective Facebook marketing strategy. It also allows you to promote the targeted products to the customers who are most likely having interest in them.

7. Messenger Ads:

Photo ads, Video ads, Dynamic ads, and Carousel ads are all set to appear in Facebook Messenger. As there are 1.3 billion people out there who are operating Facebook messenger every month for targeting a large number of audiences.

These are the ads which facebook allow the user to publish in their ad section. These ads are however paid but still depends upon people who managed to click it. If people click on your ad more popular your ads will be and it will get highlighted every time.

Facebook gives you the flexibility to choose the different type of ads. It doesn't matter which types of ads it is either it is Slideshow ads or Dynamic Ads.

So have you planned your mind to post your ads on Facebook and wondering which agency will take the hands-on on performing that?

The key is to choose the best advertising agency and The Media Cat takes an initiative to post all your ad on the Facebook page.

How The Media Cat can help you with that: Steps at a Glance!

  • Visit our website and head over to the bottom page.
  • Here you will find different categories such as Newspaper, Digital Media, Radio, Cinema.
  • Hover on Digital Media there you will find facebook click on it.
  • After that, you will get redirected to The Media Cat Facebook advertising page.
  • Enter your clicks e.g. 500 or 600 click.
  • By default 2500 is the minimum click and you need to go beyond that.
  • Then select your dimension 300px * 600px or 300px * 250px.
  • Select your preferred language either English or all regional languages. It's up to you!
  • Your gender Type Male or Female.
  • Select your geographic location where you want to target the audience either specific or India.
  • Last very important step target your audience select Yes or No.
  • Whatever click and dimension you choose the rates will be considered as compared to that.
  • Do your payment and wait for your Facebook ads until the payment is processed.

If for any reason your ads still not show on Facebook you can contact us at 0172-4948484 and we will sort out that problem as soon as possible.