Advantages of Newspaper Advertising and how you can take benefits

March 02,2019   

If we talk about the Indian economy, the one who lures to walk with instability is the advertisers who are very confused between different advertising options but are looking for the solid results in exchange for their ad spend. Many competitive business owners in their experience have found that digital media is not necessarily the important aspects of advertising, and after having, a trial on this true marketing channels such as radio and newspaper looks like it is still very much viable and effective way to get your relevant message in front of an audience. In addition, it is true to say that, the newspaper is still considered as the king in terms of gaining attention from the consumer for advertising with circulation and readership.

So, let's head up to:

Why prefer Newspaper advertising?

Newspaper are classic and the new generation loves classic materials and so as the newspaper. No matter how much old these traditions is still it will brawn up interest on consumers. Today newspapers are still in their standard along with the emergence of digital media, but despite this, they have maintained their local readership support and strength in such a way that no one can ignore them for so long for local marketing.

Let’s take a look at the brief advantages of newspaper advertising:

Advertising in a newspaper is not seen as an interruption but to influence the peoples to take desired actions for their plans. In fact, one of the reasons people buy newspapers is either to read the news, view the ads or to entertain themselves with different kinds of stuff. Consumers also want to be vulnerable to advertising but the only difference is that they want ads on their own time and perception.

No matter whether you like the newspaper or not but their ad can be cut out for sure and saved for later purposes. This means that your ads details or contact information has been collected to contact you in the future.

Unlike radio, which is often playing in the background and is not really heard by peoples and they just seem to ignore that, but the newspapers will deliver you true consumer connection and cannot be ignored mainly by senior citizens. The person reads an advertisement just because they chose to do so. They will give their full focus and attention to the message of your ad and will remember to contact you whenever they need your product or service.

May be you have probably heard newspaper subscriptions and readership have slowly dropped in the last couple of years or so, and yeah that’s sound true, but not much extent that many would like to believe. The reason behind that is the readership of the younger generation for the online versions of newspapers is growing rapidly at a faster rate and due to that, people are avoiding reading the offline newspaper and are stuck upon online internet newspaper.

But there are many people who still prefer offline newspaper over online not because of lack of knowledge about technology but because of simplicity and ease.

No matter whatever may be the reason, in the end, we believe that newspapers and other written forms of news and analysis are a superior form of advertisement for present and for future purposes.

For publishing any type of ads in the newspaper these two classified ads are the most popular among all i.e. Classified Text-ads and Classified Display ads.

Classified Text-ads:

These are the basic version, which contains text-based ads with bold text, Bold Color, Border, Locations with the huge demand for customers because of its cheapest price. This ad works on numbers of text line and the price will move around according to that. For enhancements, you can add bold color, ad border making the ad more interactive. When posted online you will start receiving results instantly as because most of the people prefer this type of ads.

Classified Display Ads:

These are the advanced version of classified text ads, which contain text along with background image, color, background color, and tick sign to enhance and beautify the ads for gaining maximum attention from the customer. These things are costlier if putting all those things into one and price will go according to that.

Now for publishing the ads either Classified ad or classified display ads all you need is a good advertising agency and The Media Cat brawn for this.

The Media Cat is an online ad booking platform for newspapers that offer you the power to make advertising ad easy for you and thus provide you with a simple and sober online portal to book your classified ad. This can be of any format, either classified texts ads or classified display ads. You just need to choose the one which you find beneficial and then move according to that. In addition to that, we had also settled our hand in other different services like Radio Ads, Cinema Ads, TV Ads, and some outdoor advertisement at a very affordable price. Handling the queries of the customer is our top priority and we are offering you the power to deploy our advertising services according to your needs.

At the final stage of booking, we offer some coupon code and additional discounts on the overall price to give you the best possible rates.

We are creating an intimacy with the clients to garner relevant information’s and to resonate their ideas into reality. We are developing the analytics report of people to understand client’s necessities which will help to grasp the largest market growth. After all, these are the small things agency generally applies to generate ideas for the client’s benefits. We also create a good impression on our clients to create a long term relationship.

If you feel that you need any expert advice in ad booking? Then feel free to talk to us!

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