How to Get 1, 00,000/- Sale in 20 Days

September 26,2019   

I still remember the day when my friend, Kashish called me and her voice was crackling. I was very worried and asked her, what happened, why are you so upset? She said, my boss has decided to fire me.

I have no clue what I have to do, I'm badly hurt. I gave my life to this job and in return, I got this in reward. Do I deserve this? Hey...Hey... Hold on, it's not the end. You deserve something more rewarding. Just think if you have been doing the same job you will be doing the same thing for years. But, now you have a chance to widen up your scope and see for the best opportunities.

I will catch you on Saturday and we will discuss what could be done. For now, don't get dishearten and try to be optimistic. Yes, thank you, dear, she replied. While I was at my job, her heavy voice was still haunting me and I was feeling bad for her. On that very fine day, I surfed a lot on the internet for vacancies in our area but none was matching with my friend's qualifications and experience.

I was terrified when I analyzed her situation. I somehow made her believe that something good will happen soon. But, deep down I was extremely frightened. Weeks passed and Kashish was trying her level best to get a good job but all in vain. Her hope and strength started shattering and she was on the verge of a breakdown. She was in depression.

She called me and said I need your help in the execution of my idea. I said, sure. But what you are up to?

She said I want to start my business of home-made pickles. I was happy that she is being optimistic and trying something on her own. We were all set to execute her idea in reality. While I was most of the time busy my office work, I use to search for marketing strategies. And I found many online promotion platforms.

Kashish made a lot of 100 boxes of organic homemade pickles and she was damn sure that there will be a huge sale and so was I. But unfortunately, because our reach was limited, we were not able to do much business. We sold 37 boxes in 2 months. My job was also not going too good, so I was thinking that I should join Kashish’s business side by side.

We found that our business would give the best results if our reach increases with the help of some authentic platform. We looked at different advertising possibilities and newspaper advertisement was the best.

‘We decided to take one last chance and go for a Newspaper Advertisement'.

I started searching for advertising agencies that can help us, I came across ‘TheMediaCat’ and I contacted them through live chat and asked for assistance. They helped me sincerely and helped me in crafting a very catchy advertisement as well. The classified display ad was ready within two days and with huge discounts. I was more happy to know that they gave me a premium package wherein you can place an ad anywhere on the first page of the newspaper. Soon my ad was flaunting on the first page of the newspaper and I was very happy.

I did my part and was praying that we get a benefit from the advertisement. Weeks passed and finally on 9th September, Kashish came to my place and was shouting my name at the top of her voice. I opened the door and she wrapped me in her arms and said, you know what, we got an order of 500 boxes.

We were extremely happy and thanked God. A person from Gujarat called and said I saw your ad in the newspaper and contacted you. 'TheMediaCat' did this magic for us.

We made a sale of 1,00,000/- in less than 20 days. And after this order, our life changed forever.