Go On Air And Promote Your Brand Like Never Before

December 27,2019   

Go On Air And Promote Your Brand Like Never Before

You just launched your new business or an amazing mobile application but you have no idea how to target prospects with limited budget. You are at the right place , we will find out what options are available and which will be the best option to go with.

It is a fact that today the competition is so high that the real hard work starts after the launch of the business or the product. With so many entrepreneurs and start ups getting leads is the most difficult problem that is being faced.

If you want to capture your target audience's attention than it becomes your foremost requirement to put all the efforts in promotions of your brand effectively. There are approximately 164 million radio listeners in India and among them most of the listeners tune to radio channels for more than 5 hours. As radio travels with the users, it is handy and therefore has a huge impact on listener's. When a personal touch comes in, the impacting power increases several times.

There is no denying in the fact that the radio is the best available option to promote business if you want to invest a bit more, still being in budget. The amazing fact is that around 20% of people get the awareness about an application from the radio ads.

Today radio ads are plying major role in changing market dynamics. Radio ads can tingle sensory organs,sensations and visual images and activates the listener’s imagination.

It plays a promising role in promoting a new product/service to its potential users across the local market as well as to national levels.

There are several options available in the radio advertising, ranging from spots voice /jingle/RJ mention Ads and sponsorship.

Sponsorship – Most radio programs require associate or executive sponsors and here's the chance to be the sponsor. This type of ad not only raises brand awareness but always showcase your financial stability and good bonds with the media.

Radio channels often broadcast sports and traffic updates and listeners have all there ears, during this the RJ's advertise as well.

Utilities - When a particular brand sponsor niche specific mini-segments, these are known as Utilities. For instance, a sports app can sponsor the sports specific units, a music app can sponsor the tracks played and promote there brands.

Specials – During festivities, the wishes by brands are termed as Specials. These are good ways to promote your brand and make brand awareness.

Events– You may promote your brand in marketing events that are conducted by radio stations from time to time. Such events require a title or associate sponsor.

Sparklers – Use the short 10 second ads that occupy the first or the last slot of a program to promote your product or service.

RJ Mentions– These ads are where the RJ mentions the brands and offers.

Road Blocks – It refers to the ad format where all of the slot is dedicated to a particular brand.

Outdoor Events – In this kind of events, the RJ broadcast the show outside in malls, colleges or more. And they promote local brands of specific niche relating to the events.

Radio advertising is an art which is style specific therefore use our services to get the best out of radio advertisement. Promote your brand effectively and within budget. Get in touch with us if you want any kind of assistance.